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Grief and Loss Therapy

Everyone in this world will experience some form of loss at some point in their life. Loss is a universal truth of life. Yet despite how universal loss may be, we will all experience grief in our own unique way. The kind of loss will affect how we experience the grief from that loss. The loss of a parent or grandparent that is in hospice will be different than a sudden loss of a loved one.


Feelings from grief can often be a fluctuating range of emotions. These emotions can change rapidly and can sometimes even be at odds with each other. It can be helpful to have a helpful guide to help navigate this natural range of emotions. 

Grief Therapy, sometimes called bereavement counseling or grief counseling, is the 

Symptoms of Grief

Symptoms of grief are

Benefits of Grief Therapy

The goal of of grief counseling is to 

Issaquah Grief and Loss Counseling and Therapy Eastside

Grief Counseling in Issaquah

I service the entire Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Preston, Maple Valley, etc). My office is located in the heart of Issaquah in the Issaquah Work Lofts building across from Gilman Village.

If in-office grief therapy does not sound appealing to you I also offer walking therapy as an alternative to my traditional in office grief and loss therapy sessions.

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