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Feelings from grief are a fluctuating range of emotions that can at times even be conflicting.  It can be helpful to have a person to guide you through honoring your grief experience, being a witness to your emotions, identify ways to adjust to a different life, finding meaning and step forward while honoring your loved one.


There are times where changes in our health can create feelings of anger, self doubt, depression, anxiety and a sense of not knowing your direction or place in life.  It can be helpful to have a person guide an exploration of your emotions in order to begin to define a new path forward that honors you.


Caring for a loved one requires you to meet the needs of your loved one, your self and other responsibilities. This often creates burnt out as you are also feeling the emotions of watching your loved ones health decline and sometime looking for the meaning in it all. It can be helpful to have time set aside during your busy life to process your emotions and experiences.


Anxiety and depression are powerful forces that can invade one's whole experience of life. It can be hard to see a way to heal from these negative emotions and behaviors. However, utilizing cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness you can find a path to exit the storm.  I will teach you how to use these  scientifically proven tools to help combat depression and anxiety.  Through these methods you will find your own unique path to healing. 


For those uncomfortable with sitting in a counseling office or on a telehealth call I offer therapy while walking.  Instead we will walk through the beauty of the pacific northwest forest and parks while working towards your healing. 

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