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Walking Therapy

Walking Therapy is sometimes called Walk-Talk Therapy or Walk-And-Talk Therapy. It is as an alternative to traditional in-office therapy. WalkingTalk therapy is simply therapy provided while walking through local parks and trails. The therapeutic properties of physical exercise, fresh air and nature help to provide holistic counseling, all while surrounded by the beauty nature has to offer.

Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

Some people find it easier to relax, release tension and talk more openly when walking side-by-side as opposed to face-to-face. Walking therapy can feel less anxiety provoking than when meeting in a counseling office due to the openness of the outdoors and by simpling changing to a side by side conversation. Some people find it easier able to express themselves while moving and keeping thier body busy.

Exercise has its own emotial benifits.  It releases natural mood boosting chemicals including endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. These chemicals play an important role in mood stabilization. Exercising outdoors adds an extra benefit of exposure to the mood boosting Vitamin D from the sun.

Additional benefits from walking therapy include

  •  An increased overall wellbeing

  • Lower anxiety

  • Decreased depression

  • Help with bereavement, grief and loss

walking therapy in issaquah, wa

Locations for Walk and Talk Therapy in Issaquah

I am very blessed being able to practice therapy in one of the most beautiful parts of the state. Issaquah offers diverse hiking options suitable for a range of fitness and ability levels. I prefer to use less populated hiking and walking trails in Issaquah so that we can avoid distractions and focus on the therapy. I also prioritize locations with limited elevation gain.


See the map below for some of my preferred locations for walking therapy

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